Len Nelson, Ashville, NC

My wife and I got married while she was living in NC and I was still in Atlanta. We had planned to sell my house to finance our new property but then 9/11 happened. All the realtors I spoke with said the market was terrible and nothing was selling. They tried to talk me down on the price I wanted to get and basically give the house away in order to see it move. Frustrated, I returned to the book store and picked up the 5 Day Sale book I had seen months early. I read it cover to cover twice and then re-read it as I followed the steps. Long story short – over 100 people showed up at my house and I sold it for $230,000 and closed in just 23 days. Some realtors that showed up for the auction said things like “you’ll never sell it this way” and “what is your best price to sell it now”. When I asked them to bid they refused to. Oh the satisfaction I felt when I held that deposit check in my hand. Everyone owes it to themselves to try the five day sale method – it worked for me!


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