Candy Hall, Carlton, WA

We lived in a very rural area, 3 miles up an unpaved county road, and lack of exposure by the realtors had made our sale process very frustrating. We had our house on the market for several YEARS and few people had even looked at it. Finally, a family member found the book “How to Sell Your Home in 5 Days” at a Borders Book Store and we decided to try it. 

I contacted George Cappony for some guidance with my sale and I was immediately impressed with how available he was, from the very first time I called clear through the process. He was always supportive and helpful.  

I knew that the key was to get the word out about the sale and especially the website address. Although I had very few phone calls, I had over 300 visits on my website, so I knew people were interested and the marketing campaign was gathering a lot of momentum. 

The beautiful website and the very colorful, eye-catching signs along the highway certainly made an impression! Several people traveled many miles from other areas to view the house after seeing the website and signs. Many were very enthusiastic; we had fun and they did too! Even weeks after the sale, I am still getting inquiries so I know our home had the needed exposure. 

YES! It worked for us!  Our home sold thanks to the 5-Day Sale Best Bidder concept.  I would highly recommend it for rural areas. Doing the sale ourselves only cost us about half of what it would have been if we had gone through a realtor. The time invested in providing the info and pictures for the website, placing the newspaper ads, putting up signs and posters and passing out the flyers paid off for us!  


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