Mark Wright, San Diego, CA

We had George help sell our condo in 5 days back in 2005. Our neighbor had theirs on the market for 140 days with a listing price of $449,000. We called George on a Friday and that following week we were off the races. George supplied EVERYTHING we needed to make the process a breeze for someone with zero real estate experience.

By Sunday night we had our condo sold for $430,000. Since we didn’t have any realtor fees we actually made more than my neighbor (who was astounded we sold our home so quickly and asked if I could do hers too). When my parents needed to sell their condo on the east coast, who did I call? You guessed it. George Cappony.

He walked me through the entire process and we sold their condo a week later. This was in a VERY stale market where a similar unit was listed at $460,000 for almost a year. We sold my parents condo for $442,000 in less than a week.

So would I recommend George? YES I would. To ANYONE that wants to sell their home without the cost, hassle, or time wasted using the traditional process. George is not some cut throat salesman either. He’s the most caring and giving person who is an absolute pleasure to work with.


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