Debra Price VanCleve, Vallejo, CA

At first we were concerned about using the 5-Day Sale Method to sell our duplex in CA, so we had 2 separate attorneys look at it and give us their professional opinion.

Even though they were unfamiliar with this exact process, after reviewing it, both of them gave us their blessing. They could not see anything that was illegal or anything that was any riskier than a traditional sale with an agent.

Our experience with our 5-Day Sale, and our consultant George Cappony, has been extremely successful. We’ve done much better than we had when we had it listed! Even though our first buyer fell out, we had 4 backup bids—that’s the beauty of this process–so we were back in contract within 24 hours!  The contingencies have been removed, we have nonrefundable money in hand, and we are due to close mid-May. 

The 5-Day Sale Method is such an incredible process. Our first sales results have been so encouraging, and George has been such an asset to us, that we’re now on our second Highest Bidder Sale, this time in San Francisco for June 5th & 6th; and, without hesitation, we‘ve hired George again. 


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