Dan St John, San Francisco, CA

After watching several 5-Day Sale open houses in my area, and reading the book, my wife and I decided to sell our home in CA using the 5-Day Method. Our sale was a lot of fun. It was a positive experience for both buyer and seller. We had a couple of “meanies” during the open house, but I didn’t find them upsetting at all—actually, it confirmed to me that I was doing the right thing.

We used all of the products: signs, website, direct mail piece . . . we used it all! The signs were wonderful. I had the signs up for 15 minutes and there were already people coming from all around. It was amazing! And our website was just phenomenal–it was the main contact. We asked people if they’d seen the website and almost everyone had. We also had an onsite consultant, who was of great value to us. He was thorough and incredibly informative during our open house and helped us with all of our detailed questions.

Around 350 families came through the house during the weekend, and we had 45 bidders. By the end of the round robin bidding we got over 30,000 dollars more than our undisclosed reserve! This was a very rewarding and positive process, and it’s the only way I’d sell a house.


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