Todd Nelson, Milwaukee, WI

I am a home investor and recently had an option on a million dollar home. The house had been on the market for two years, but with little interest. As a Ron LeGrand home investment student I knew that Ron recommends that his students use the 5 Day Method to sell homes. So I read the book “How to Sell Your Home in 5 Days” and the owners and I decided to sell the home using the 5 Day Method and call George Cappony.

Well, Friday afternoon, Saturday and even Sunday my phone ran constantly. When I arrived to show the home on the day of the open house there were people waiting in line outside. The owners told me that the amount of people going through the house from just 12 to 12:30 was more than the brokers had brought through in two years. I had a lot of licensed real estate agents tell me that I couldn’t do this and I would say, “yes I can!” I knew this method would work because over 100 people had shown up, the interest was non-stop.

The 5-Day Method worked because people could not resist the price of the ad in the paper. I wasn’t afraid to have an aggressive starting bid and I had a pretty good idea what the market was willing to pay for the house at the end of the round robin bidding.

The sale went so smoothly that I’m now getting referrals–more than I can handle! I’d tell anyone to try it, you can’t lose! With Ron LeGrand’s courses and George Cappony’s sales system there is no way anyone can’t become financially independent. Ron will tell you how to buy the homes; George will show you how to get them sold! Thank you, George!


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