Betsy Gold, Hillsdale, NJ

Using the 5-Day method was the best thing we ever did!! We are a textbook case. In two days, we had more than 226 groups of people (that’s couples, families, etc.) come through our house and 44 bidders! It took 3 nights to complete the bidding, but it worked exactly as it should have in terms of selling the house at fair market value. There is always a limit to how much people are willing to pay and that level came out very clearly in the final bidding.

We are extremely pleased with the results all around and the best part for us (besides the selling price and the quick sale) was that we didn’t have to “show” our house over and over again to prospective buyers. We straightened it up once, removed the clutter once, put on a fresh coat of paint and did other cosmetic touch-ups, and set it out for all to see in those two days. It worked and it worked beautifully! But I’ll tell you, we could not have done it without George Cappony.

I hesitated for weeks about calling George. I thought that if I called him, he would convince us to hire him and spend money on things we didn’t think we had to. I was so hesistant to call him in fact, that I waited until just 10 days before we wanted to do the sale. He said we didn’t have enough time to prepare and strongly encouraged us to wait a few weeks. But our house was already prepped for the open house/inspection and we didn’t have another available weekend for two months.

We asked George if he would be willing to work with us if we did the sale the following week. He was hesitant, but he agreed. Thank goodness! The services George provided were endless! His fee was worth every penny. He gave us the materials we needed, the advice we needed, the support we needed. Everything went much more smoothly and professionally when we put George into the picture. And one more thing, BUY THE SIGNS!!! The signs were amazing. They really brought in a lot of prospective buyers and generated a lot of interest in the house.


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