Here are just a few of the reviews and testimonials left by happy clients over the past few years:

Slow down but don’t stop!

Kon Kuperman, Washington Twp, NJ

Slow down but don’t stop. That’s the best advice I can give someone that drives past one of the yellow ‘Best Bidder Sale’ signs. If you don’t, you’ll risk getting rear ended by someone. That’s what came very close to happening last year when I hit my brakes to read the sign and almost had the poor fellow behind me crash into me.

I had purchased an investment property several months earlier and was looking for a fast, effective and cost efficient way to sell this property so of course I slammed on my brakes. Luckily no one got hurt : ) So I followed the signs to a rather plain Split Level home on a nice street – A home that is no different from the other homes in the area – except that there was no place to park and when I went inside, the house was full of people looking through the house.

I was pressed for time so I was only there for maybe 15 minutes but while I was there I must have seen at least 7 or 8 other couples just looking around. I found my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The whole week after the sale all I could think about was this unique system that I witnessed. Was it for real??? The sale itself was great. I loved that everything was organized, the sellers were TOTALLY in control of the event and were running it as smooth as butter – but was it for real? That was my question.

So after waiting until Friday of the following week, I called the sellers, told them who I was and asked them what they thought of the process. They told me what a great experience they had. They had just purchased another home and needed to sell their current house to pay for the new home but didn’t want to take a hit on a ‘quick sale’ on their home. The 3 things they told me they were happiest about were: 1) Not having to go through the ordeal of a traditional sale. 2) Selling the home quickly 3) Getting the price on their home they wanted Yes – the MOST IMPORTANT thing to them was being in control of the selling process. They have 2 kids and did not want to deal with surprise visits from realtors, strangers in the house when the kids are there, constantly keeping their house clean, etc… Oh yeah, when I talked to them, they were already in Attorney Review.

I was just blown away by this process. If I hadn’t seen it I wouldn’t believe it. I just wouldn’t believe it. My investment property is going on sale next month. I can’t wait! Kon

You owe it to yourself to try it

Len Nelson, Ashville, NC

My wife and I got married while she was living in NC and I was still in Atlanta. We had planned to sell my house to finance our new property but then 9/11 happened. All the realtors I spoke with said the market was terrible and nothing was selling. They tried to talk me down on the price I wanted to get and basically give the house away in order to see it move. Frustrated, I returned to the book store and picked up the 5 Day Sale book I had seen months early. I read it cover to cover twice and then re-read it as I followed the steps. Long story short – over 100 people showed up at my house and I sold it for $230,000 and closed in just 23 days. Some realtors that showed up for the auction said things like “you’ll never sell it this way” and “what is your best price to sell it now”. When I asked them to bid they refused to. Oh the satisfaction I felt when I held that deposit check in my hand. Everyone owes it to themselves to try the five day sale method – it worked for me!

Everything went smoothly once I called George!

Jeff Wenger, Las Vegas, NV

After reading the book “How to Sell Your Home in 5 Days” I tried it with my first property. I followed the book in every detail. About a hundred people came through the house and 23 of them left bids at the open house. Everything went fine until the round robin bidding. People started dropping out of the bidding.

The bidding had ended, and I had no idea what to do. I remembered the book listed a website. Needing help immediately, I requested a 30 minute consultation on the website. I was quite surprised when I got a quick email with George Cappony’s contact information. I immediately called George and asked him to coach me during my sale. With George’s help, I was able to postpone the sale for two weeks; and with his guidance, the following weekend, my sale went off without a hitch exactly as it was supposed to. Everything went so smoothly. It reinforced my belief in the 5-Day method. All it took was George’s magic touch.

If you have any doubts about whether you can sell your home in a single weekend, I am telling you here and now that you can definately do it. Get the book and read it. You need to know the book forward and backward, but realize that you will also need the most valuable guidance of all. The extensive expertise, assistance, and support you get from George will absolutely guarantee that your home will sell. His help is worth it’s weight in gold. 

It’s worth every penny

Amado Cruz, Denver, CO

I buy and sell houses as a side business to my mortgage company. I read the book “how to sell your home in 5 days” and decided to try it. However, I knew I would need the services of a seasoned professional so I enlisted George’s help. I was EXTREMELY apprehensive about selling my house this way but boy was I proven wrong. It was the best decision I made. I had this property for about 6 months and was not able to sell it. George and his assistant took all my information and created a professional website, with professional signs, guides, forms, handouts, and phone scripts. Best of all he was always available by phone to answer all my questions. At one point after contacting my local newspaper to place the ad and faxing them a detailed list of instructions, I left for a 3-day seminar in San Diego confident that upon my return all would go well. George checked in on me on the third day and ask if I was getting calls. I was a bit upset because I had not. He told me to check to see if the ad was still running. Reluctantly, I checked and was dismayed to learn that despite my clear instructions the paper had only run the ad on Sunday and not the specified 8 days. George told me to postpone the sale and start again. I did and with great results. I was very impressed with his extensive marketing knowledge. So if you are an investor or homeowner who wants to sell your house fast don’t hesitate to call George. It could raise your bottom line substantially. The cost for his consulting service is a drop in the bucket when compared to a realtor’s commission and once you do it, you can repeat the process over and over, so it is worth every penny.

Best call I made in a long time

Glen Gallucci, Dumont, NJ

I am an active real estate investor who buys and sells houses for a living. After conducting my own 5 day sale before meeting George, I struggled with all of the incidentals such as the proper paperwork, advertising, forms, signs and disclosure documents needed. And there was a lot of preparation work that needed to be done before conducting a successful bidder’s sale to get top dollar for my houses. As an investor, I prefer doing things the easiest way possible while giving me the biggest return.

After I came across George’s web site, I decided to call him. It was the best call I made in a long time. It only took about 15 minutes before I knew I had “the man” on the phone that would make my investing life easier and could make my best bidder sales stand head and shoulders above any other method for selling my houses fast. His enthusiasm for his service was evidence he has done this many times before. I was very impressed with his extensive marketing knowledge, his complete system including full support staff and of course, his personal support which was second to none. George took my information and transformed it into a professional website, with professional signs, guides, forms, hand outs, phone scripts and much more. I did very little, which I like, and he put together my whole marketing and selling plan. And he was always a phone call away.

So for the investor who want to sell their houses fast, and fast means two days, I don’t hesitate in recommending George’s concept and system. In fact, I urge you to call him. It could raise your bottom line substantially. The cost for his consulting service is insignificant (but don’t tell him) as the complete package and personal support is worth every penny. George made my investing life easy, just the way I like it! This is now another weapon in my selling tool box that will sell my properties fast and for top dollar.

Rehabbed Foreclosure sold in one week

Ray Ritchie, China Grove, NC


We just sold a rehabbed foreclosure in one week. We bought a foreclosure for $59,000 from the bank. Had to do a complete rehab on home. Total cost we had in house including holding cost were $101,000.  We had read the 5-day sale book about three years ago, but never tried it. So we decided to run with it on this house. We started the price at $69,000 and one week later we had it sold for $126,000 for a profit of $25,000. This house was in a somewhat rural area. We will be using the 5-day system on all our future sales. If you follow the book and use George’s system you won’t fail. 

Sold the house and netted over $7,000

Nedra Bobo, Sun Prairie, WI

Dear George,

One of my mentors suggested that I buy the book–I’m glad he did! I’m not sure if you remember me. I telephoned you about a month ago asking for more advice on the 5-Day Sale. You might recall that we were planning to sell the house the following weekend due to some closing constraints. You gave me a few helpful pointers during my free consultation which helped tremendously. We sold the house that Sunday night to the highest bidder and netted over $7,000. As real estate investors, this was a great tool to use to find an end-buyer for the sellers. We plan to do another 5-day sale for another property we have under contract. Thank you for your help.

I have just closed the third house sold

Jack Williamson, Mansfield, TX


Your consulting on the 5-day sales method was extremely valuable. I have just closed the third house sold using this method. All sales were at market value, which is especially good since the Dallas-Fort Worth market is slightly soft. I was surprised how well the signs you supplied worked, even on the weekend before Thanksgiving.

We got the right buyer for the home in each case.

Very Rewarding and Positive Process

Dan St John, San Francisco, CA

After watching several 5-Day Sale open houses in my area, and reading the book, my wife and I decided to sell our home in CA using the 5-Day Method. Our sale was a lot of fun. It was a positive experience for both buyer and seller. We had a couple of “meanies” during the open house, but I didn’t find them upsetting at all—actually, it confirmed to me that I was doing the right thing.

We used all of the products: signs, website, direct mail piece . . . we used it all! The signs were wonderful. I had the signs up for 15 minutes and there were already people coming from all around. It was amazing! And our website was just phenomenal–it was the main contact. We asked people if they’d seen the website and almost everyone had. We also had an onsite consultant, who was of great value to us. He was thorough and incredibly informative during our open house and helped us with all of our detailed questions.

Around 350 families came through the house during the weekend, and we had 45 bidders. By the end of the round robin bidding we got over 30,000 dollars more than our undisclosed reserve! This was a very rewarding and positive process, and it’s the only way I’d sell a house.

This Sales System Worked Wonderfully

Mark Cravens, Tampa, FL

I’m a Real Estate Agent and a Consultant and I was extremely pleased with the results of my 5-Day Sale.  I wanted to show my sellers that the 5-Day Method is one of the best ways to sell a home; so I put my money where my mouth is: I bought and rehabbed a house and used the 5-Day Method to sell it. 

The response from the 5-Day marketing was remarkable. A site specific website was made especially for the home and I had 494 hits on my site in 8 days, and 350 visual tour hits. I received 155 phone calls, 125 visitors came through the house on Saturday/Sunday during the inspection times (couples and families only count as 1 visitor), and I ended up with 38 bidders!  We got what we wanted and will be closing at the end of the month. 

The buyer is ecstatic about her new home and the 5-Day Method! I ended up selling her home to one of my buyers; then I also sold her buyer’s home to another one of my buyers. I have had 6 people contact me about selling their home with this method, thus far, and am still receiving 5-10 calls a week from the 5-Day Sale marketing.

 I will be using this powerful sales system again, it worked wonderfully!

Not what they were expecting to hear!

Susan Winters, Anthem, AZ

I received my earnest money and signed contract today! My closing date is around the corner and I couldn’t be happier with the sale of my home in 5 DAYS!! Yes, people were skeptical. But, after visiting the website (we continue to get hits on it daily!) and coming to the open house, people realized it wasn’t a scam! We had 15 bidders on Sunday night, who after bidding for 2 hours asked if we could continue on Monday night. My husband had a business trip on Monday and flew back to the east coast and sold our home Monday night from his hotel room to the highest bidder. We are very happy with the $80,000 equity in our pockets! I am still giggling when the Realtors call and ask if they can be of service. “Thanks”, I tell them, “We are under contract. We sold our home in 5 Days.” Not what they were expecting to hear! It really works.

YES! It worked for us!

Candy Hall, Carlton, WA

We lived in a very rural area, 3 miles up an unpaved county road, and lack of exposure by the realtors had made our sale process very frustrating. We had our house on the market for several YEARS and few people had even looked at it. Finally, a family member found the book “How to Sell Your Home in 5 Days” at a Borders Book Store and we decided to try it. 

I contacted George Cappony for some guidance with my sale and I was immediately impressed with how available he was, from the very first time I called clear through the process. He was always supportive and helpful.  

I knew that the key was to get the word out about the sale and especially the website address. Although I had very few phone calls, I had over 300 visits on my website, so I knew people were interested and the marketing campaign was gathering a lot of momentum. 

The beautiful website and the very colorful, eye-catching signs along the highway certainly made an impression! Several people traveled many miles from other areas to view the house after seeing the website and signs. Many were very enthusiastic; we had fun and they did too! Even weeks after the sale, I am still getting inquiries so I know our home had the needed exposure. 

YES! It worked for us!  Our home sold thanks to the 5-Day Sale Best Bidder concept.  I would highly recommend it for rural areas. Doing the sale ourselves only cost us about half of what it would have been if we had gone through a realtor. The time invested in providing the info and pictures for the website, placing the newspaper ads, putting up signs and posters and passing out the flyers paid off for us!  

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