Susan Winters, Anthem, AZ

I received my earnest money and signed contract today! My closing date is around the corner and I couldn’t be happier with the sale of my home in 5 DAYS!! Yes, people were skeptical. But, after visiting the website (we continue to get hits on it daily!) and coming to the open house, people realized it wasn’t a scam! We had 15 bidders on Sunday night, who after bidding for 2 hours asked if we could continue on Monday night. My husband had a business trip on Monday and flew back to the east coast and sold our home Monday night from his hotel room to the highest bidder. We are very happy with the $80,000 equity in our pockets! I am still giggling when the Realtors call and ask if they can be of service. “Thanks”, I tell them, “We are under contract. We sold our home in 5 Days.” Not what they were expecting to hear! It really works.


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