Amado Cruz, Denver, CO

I buy and sell houses as a side business to my mortgage company. I read the book “how to sell your home in 5 days” and decided to try it. However, I knew I would need the services of a seasoned professional so I enlisted George’s help. I was EXTREMELY apprehensive about selling my house this way but boy was I proven wrong. It was the best decision I made. I had this property for about 6 months and was not able to sell it. George and his assistant took all my information and created a professional website, with professional signs, guides, forms, handouts, and phone scripts. Best of all he was always available by phone to answer all my questions. At one point after contacting my local newspaper to place the ad and faxing them a detailed list of instructions, I left for a 3-day seminar in San Diego confident that upon my return all would go well. George checked in on me on the third day and ask if I was getting calls. I was a bit upset because I had not. He told me to check to see if the ad was still running. Reluctantly, I checked and was dismayed to learn that despite my clear instructions the paper had only run the ad on Sunday and not the specified 8 days. George told me to postpone the sale and start again. I did and with great results. I was very impressed with his extensive marketing knowledge. So if you are an investor or homeowner who wants to sell your house fast don’t hesitate to call George. It could raise your bottom line substantially. The cost for his consulting service is a drop in the bucket when compared to a realtor’s commission and once you do it, you can repeat the process over and over, so it is worth every penny.


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