Mark White, Fruit Heights, Utah

Purchased with a contractor as an investment about three years ago, the home had extensive fire damage and required extensive rebuilding inside and out. The entire interior was redone with new windows, doors, floor covering, new furnace, upgraded electrical, as well as new kitchen and bathroom cabinets. On the outside there was new vinyl siding, and a new roof. Unfortunately, using conventional methods, the home sat on the market for over 2 ½ years.

We had heard about the 5-Day Sale Method at a seminar, and had run across George Cappony’s website. Selling this home using the 5-Day Sale Method sounded like a great idea.

During the week of our sale, one realtor told us we would be lucky to get $65,000, another said that we would be lucky to get $70,000. One gentleman came to the open house said that he had tried the 5-Day Sale Method for his house a block away and didn’t get a single bid.

We had 37 couples attend the open house, and received 17 bids. George was with us throughout the entire process. We felt total support throughout. His guidance the night of the round robin made the difference, and we sold the home for $91,000. We were pleased and so was the buyer, who said: “Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!” when I told her that she had the winning bid.

I can assure you that we would have had a completely different outcome without George’s help. I know that, given the neighborhood, the age of the surrounding property, and our inexperience, we wouldn’t have received a single bid, much less a sold the home. 


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