Glen Gallucci, Dumont, NJ

I am an active real estate investor who buys and sells houses for a living. After conducting my own 5 day sale before meeting George, I struggled with all of the incidentals such as the proper paperwork, advertising, forms, signs and disclosure documents needed. And there was a lot of preparation work that needed to be done before conducting a successful bidder’s sale to get top dollar for my houses. As an investor, I prefer doing things the easiest way possible while giving me the biggest return.

After I came across George’s web site, I decided to call him. It was the best call I made in a long time. It only took about 15 minutes before I knew I had “the man” on the phone that would make my investing life easier and could make my best bidder sales stand head and shoulders above any other method for selling my houses fast. His enthusiasm for his service was evidence he has done this many times before. I was very impressed with his extensive marketing knowledge, his complete system including full support staff and of course, his personal support which was second to none. George took my information and transformed it into a professional website, with professional signs, guides, forms, hand outs, phone scripts and much more. I did very little, which I like, and he put together my whole marketing and selling plan. And he was always a phone call away.

So for the investor who want to sell their houses fast, and fast means two days, I don’t hesitate in recommending George’s concept and system. In fact, I urge you to call him. It could raise your bottom line substantially. The cost for his consulting service is insignificant (but don’t tell him) as the complete package and personal support is worth every penny. George made my investing life easy, just the way I like it! This is now another weapon in my selling tool box that will sell my properties fast and for top dollar.


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