Art and Tracy Spires, Lexington, SC

We knew nothing about the 5-day method until we came across the book at our local library. In fact, to our knowledge, no one in our area had ever used the 5 Day method or was familiar with the idea. We were fascinated by the concept of selling our home so quickly; and since we were building a new home and wanted to sell our current home to avoid an extra move, the 5 Day Method was really perfect for our situation.

It was incredibly reassuring and helpful to work with George because I knew that every aspect of the sale was being handled correctly and professionally. He brought so many valuable marketing techniques to our sale that were not in the book. The website was outstanding and the “brake screecher” signs attracted so many people to our house. I’d have to say that our sale went perfectly – even with our Open House the first weekend in December!

Our friends know us as conservative and traditional, and they were amazed that we sold our home in this unconventional way, but being a little unconventional certainly paid off! This was a great experience for us and our teenagers were thrilled that their rooms only had to be spotless for 2 days!


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