Darlene Strahan, Covington, LA

This was absolutely amazing! I’m a Realtor and I own a “unique” home. Contemporary, waterfront, and with a pool! You know the kind people love or hate. I did a trial 3 month listing in the mls and probably had 5 people look at my home but no offers. I decided it was crazy to pay another Realtor to sell my house and who knows my home better than me?

While surfing the Internet, I ran across the 5 Day Sale website. Not being the type of person that follows the crowd and priding myself on the ability to think outside the box, I decided to run a 5 Day Sale. I called George for his advice, ordered signs, did the ad, made packets, got the inspection, cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more.

 I had several Realtors stop by. They were all impressed. To my amazement my neighbors were cheering me on because they knew my goal was to push the neighborhood comps up. I had my share of jerks and tire kickers but all in all it was awesome! I ended up getting over 100 people to my home in 2 days. I got 18 bids and sold my home in the third round of the round robin on Sunday night at 10 PM! I could have pushed harder, but when I got within $5000 of my mental reserve price I decided to say the magic word, “SOLD”!

 If you want or need to sell your home quickly for top fair market value with multiple back up offers AND have fun, this is the only way to go!


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