Melissa Diaz, Buffalo Grove, IL

5-Day-Sale is a fabulous way to sell a home!  For those of you who are “control freaks” like me, this is the perfect way to sell your home.  I loved that I could be the one doing my own advertising and footwork.

I know that if I had given the job over to a realtor things would not have turned out as successfully as they did.  One thing of great importance stood out to me in this process. You MUST go by the book! The first time I tried this method I did not get out at least 2000 fliers (even though the book told me to do so) and I also didn’t have the ads out long enough. What a mistake! I didn’t even come close to the proper sale price with the few bidders I received.

The second time out, I got out all the fliers and had the ads running the proper amount of time.  The difference was like night and day.  We had over double the number of people through the condo and twice as many bidders!  I sold for more than my reserve and am pleased as punch!  Thanks to George for all the support and advice.  He is why I didn’t give up in discouragement after the first go-round!


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