Larry Kagan, Plainview, NY

I sold my condo last Sunday, June 5th to the Highest & Best Bidder for more money than I expected.  The best part was that it was a win-win for both the seller and the buyer because there was no broker and no real estate commissions, so I was able to accept a lower price for my condo and the buyer was able to get built-in equity.

Using this method to sell my condo was an awesome and unbelievable experience!  I really liked the dynamic of buyers competing with other buyers with regard to the price, as opposed to the seller and buyer negotiating the price in a traditional sale.

I found the book in Barnes & Noble about 2 years ago and really liked the concept.  I saved the book and planned on using it the next time I had a property to sell. Recently, I decided to sell my condo and dusted the book off.

The book led me to the website; and the website led me to George Cappony, the consultant. George walked me through every step of the process and provided me with great tools to use to simplify selling my condo using this method.  I bought road signs from George that were extremely productive and led lots of prospective buyers to my doorstep.  George helped me write the advertisement I placed in the local newspaper and provided me with an 800 phone number for people to call and get all the information they needed to come to the inspection.

 All in all, I had 168 people come to see my condo in 2 days; I received 74 bids and sold it on Sunday night in the 7th round of the round robins to the best bidder.  I highly recommend this method and after doing it think everyone should sell their home this way!  It really works.


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