Here are just a few of the reviews and testimonials left by happy clients over the past few years:

There it is … and that’s the truth!

Jay & Joanna, Phoenix, AZ

Hi George,

It was great talking with you today. I appreciate the advice and insight on how the 5 Day method has developed.

My Testimonial:

My partner Joanna and I sold our home using the 5 Day method. By following each step, we were able to secure a buyer in 5 days and sign a purchase contract $15,000! above our reserve price. No agents, no commissions and no time wasted. We highly recommend the 5 Day Sale method to anyone who wants to get the most value (aka CASH) from their home. It works!… and we’ll do it again.

There it is… and it’s the truth.

Wow! He did it again!

Mark Wright, San Diego, CA

We had George help sell our condo in 5 days back in 2005. Our neighbor had theirs on the market for 140 days with a listing price of $449,000. We called George on a Friday and that following week we were off the races. George supplied EVERYTHING we needed to make the process a breeze for someone with zero real estate experience.

By Sunday night we had our condo sold for $430,000. Since we didn’t have any realtor fees we actually made more than my neighbor (who was astounded we sold our home so quickly and asked if I could do hers too). When my parents needed to sell their condo on the east coast, who did I call? You guessed it. George Cappony.

He walked me through the entire process and we sold their condo a week later. This was in a VERY stale market where a similar unit was listed at $460,000 for almost a year. We sold my parents condo for $442,000 in less than a week.

So would I recommend George? YES I would. To ANYONE that wants to sell their home without the cost, hassle, or time wasted using the traditional process. George is not some cut throat salesman either. He’s the most caring and giving person who is an absolute pleasure to work with.

A friend recommended us to you

Greg Panayoti, West orange, NJ

George – we closed on the property this past Thursday. It was painful, but necessary to move on and put it behind us.

The bleeding has stopped!

Thanks for your help, will be in touch next time the opportunity arises!

A fabulous way to sell a home!

Melissa Diaz, Buffalo Grove, IL

5-Day-Sale is a fabulous way to sell a home!  For those of you who are “control freaks” like me, this is the perfect way to sell your home.  I loved that I could be the one doing my own advertising and footwork.

I know that if I had given the job over to a realtor things would not have turned out as successfully as they did.  One thing of great importance stood out to me in this process. You MUST go by the book! The first time I tried this method I did not get out at least 2000 fliers (even though the book told me to do so) and I also didn’t have the ads out long enough. What a mistake! I didn’t even come close to the proper sale price with the few bidders I received.

The second time out, I got out all the fliers and had the ads running the proper amount of time.  The difference was like night and day.  We had over double the number of people through the condo and twice as many bidders!  I sold for more than my reserve and am pleased as punch!  Thanks to George for all the support and advice.  He is why I didn’t give up in discouragement after the first go-round!

By Sunday night we had 5 serious buyers

Mike Higbee, Long Island, NY

My girlfriend and I are real estate investors in the Long Island, NY area. We have used the 5 day sale method in selling most of our properties. We cannot say enough about how good the method works.

The first time that we ran the sale, I was very skeptical and did not believe that it would work. We followed some of what the book said and held an abbreviated version of the sale. Guess what! It didn’t work. The next week we did it by the book. We received over 200 phone calls by Friday night!!! By Sunday night we had 5 serious buyers with the final sale price at 295k. We didn’t think we would get more than 270k.

For all of you first timers out there, the method works!!! Since then, we have used the method over and over with great success.

We’d do it again in an instant

Rene’ Cromer, Hudson, WI

We saw the 5-DaySale on CNN and knew it was what we needed. My husband is disabled and we did not want him put through continual showings and realtor open houses for weeks or months on end. (Not to mention the savings in realtor commissions.)

We sold our house on the 2nd night of bidding with several backup offers. I was glad to have the expertise of George Cappony during the process and over 1/3 of our bidders came because of the signs we purchased.

We had so many people tell us we wouldn’t be able to sell our home this late in the year with so many homes on the market in our area. It was a thrill to show them that there are other ways to sell a house.

We’d do it again in an instant.

Absolutely Amazing

Darlene Strahan, Covington, LA

This was absolutely amazing! I’m a Realtor and I own a “unique” home. Contemporary, waterfront, and with a pool! You know the kind people love or hate. I did a trial 3 month listing in the mls and probably had 5 people look at my home but no offers. I decided it was crazy to pay another Realtor to sell my house and who knows my home better than me?

While surfing the Internet, I ran across the 5 Day Sale website. Not being the type of person that follows the crowd and priding myself on the ability to think outside the box, I decided to run a 5 Day Sale. I called George for his advice, ordered signs, did the ad, made packets, got the inspection, cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more.

 I had several Realtors stop by. They were all impressed. To my amazement my neighbors were cheering me on because they knew my goal was to push the neighborhood comps up. I had my share of jerks and tire kickers but all in all it was awesome! I ended up getting over 100 people to my home in 2 days. I got 18 bids and sold my home in the third round of the round robin on Sunday night at 10 PM! I could have pushed harder, but when I got within $5000 of my mental reserve price I decided to say the magic word, “SOLD”!

 If you want or need to sell your home quickly for top fair market value with multiple back up offers AND have fun, this is the only way to go!

The frenzy is the key!

Tammy Schwinegruber, Oceanside, CA

A lot of work and a lot of fun. The website was great and so were the 16 page bidders booklets. The signs brought the most amount of traffic and that’s where my buyer came from.

We sold in one weekend for $695,000 (which is well above what I would’ve received had I used a Realtor and got $730,000 (top of the market pricing) and paid his commission of $43,000+).  That would’ve only yielded around $687,000 and would’ve taken much longer than the 45 days this took from the time the sale took place til I got my money at closing.

The frenzy is the key. Good luck. TAMMY 🙂

That’s the day we will sell the house

Charles & Celia Abrams, Carson City, NV

We used the 5-Day sales method on two properties in San Diego and it worked great. We followed the book’s plan and we had lots of interest and many serious bidders. Both sold for fair market value.

It was invaluable to be able to look at a calendar and pick two dates 60 to 90 days in advance and say “That’s the day we will sell the house” and it went exactly as planned.

If you’re moving out of state this really helps. We are planning another 5-Day sale in September.

The 5-Day Sale System creates a sense of urgency

Julie Pfrang, Port Washington, WI

Your 5-day Sale System worked beautifully. I used it to sell a commercial property and the end result far exceeded my expectations. , , There was vigorous bidding and a 48% increase from the opening bid amount I established to the winning bid. , , Your system saved me an expensive realtor commission and, as with most FSBOs, I didn’t have to continually run a real estate ad to get the property sold. , , The 5-Day Sale System creates a sense of urgency among potential buyers that conventional sales approaches do not.

The 5-Day Sale has worked for me three times!

Mark Patterson, Charlotte, NC

I am a real estate investor and focus on buying and selling pre-foreclosure houses. Once I buy a house, it is imperative for me to sell it as quickly as possible. The 5-Day Sale has worked wonderfully for me three times!

After buying the book, I listened in on a free 5-Day in America Conference Call-in Event. George invited me to call him the next day to help me with some details, which I did. With his expertise and knowledge, he was very helpful in guiding me through the process.

So, I ordered some signs, scheduled the open house, and placed my ads. I got my minimum of 25 calls by Thursday night and had a high bidder on Sunday night. I’ve repeated the same process twice with the same results.

I was a Realtor for two years, so I know how long it can take to sell a home and how expensive it can be. To sell quickly and save a commission, I highly recommend the 5-Day Sale.

Thank you George!

74 bids and sold Sunday night to the best bidder!

Larry Kagan, Plainview, NY

I sold my condo last Sunday, June 5th to the Highest & Best Bidder for more money than I expected.  The best part was that it was a win-win for both the seller and the buyer because there was no broker and no real estate commissions, so I was able to accept a lower price for my condo and the buyer was able to get built-in equity.

Using this method to sell my condo was an awesome and unbelievable experience!  I really liked the dynamic of buyers competing with other buyers with regard to the price, as opposed to the seller and buyer negotiating the price in a traditional sale.

I found the book in Barnes & Noble about 2 years ago and really liked the concept.  I saved the book and planned on using it the next time I had a property to sell. Recently, I decided to sell my condo and dusted the book off.

The book led me to the website; and the website led me to George Cappony, the consultant. George walked me through every step of the process and provided me with great tools to use to simplify selling my condo using this method.  I bought road signs from George that were extremely productive and led lots of prospective buyers to my doorstep.  George helped me write the advertisement I placed in the local newspaper and provided me with an 800 phone number for people to call and get all the information they needed to come to the inspection.

 All in all, I had 168 people come to see my condo in 2 days; I received 74 bids and sold it on Sunday night in the 7th round of the round robins to the best bidder.  I highly recommend this method and after doing it think everyone should sell their home this way!  It really works.

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