Brake Screechers™ Sign Kits


These dynamic yard signs literally drive traffic to your front door! Used in hundreds of successful 5 Day Sales nationwide, these signs make a unique and powerful statement about your sale to get buyers in and sell your home fast.



The Sign of a Successful 5 Day Sale

The vibrant Brake Screechers™ Sign kits are hard to miss. You’ll have potential buyers practically slamming on their brakes to come to your Open House event when you sell your home fast. Dynamic and eye catching, these signs are an amazingly effective way to advertise your sale—they will literally stop traffic!

The design of the Brake Screechers™ Sign kits have been developed and perfected over time for maximum marketing impact. These signs kits will deliver 30 to 50 % more interested buyers (who may have not seen your classified ad) to your property regardless of price-range, weather, or location and greatly assist your sale to sell your home fast.

Brake Screechers Sign Kits

You could spend between $1,000 and $1,500 at your local print shop to duplicate these signs — we know, we’ve priced them out — and STILL not have the top-notch design, quality, and sell-your-home-fast results of these signs. That’s a savings of over 50%!

These sign kits are one of the best ways to create a powerful marketing presence for your sale. They’re easy to implement, extremely effective, and incredibly durable. Use them again and again — perfect for investors.

In addition, your entire investment in this system, and its products, is 100% tax deductible (just ask your tax advisor, and he’ll confirm it!).


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