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Published January 10, 2022 by Jenna Hall
Updated on February 9th, 2022

If you have been thinking about selling your home, you may be wondering which home improvements you should tackle to increase your home’s value before it goes on the market. While there are many home renovations that can add appeal to your home, it’s important to know which projects will increase your property value and which will not.

From upgrading your bathroom to replacing your roof, this article will help you determine which home improvement projects are worth your investment. Whether you are preparing to sell your home in Portland, OR or Toronto, ON, here are 10 home renovations that don’t add value and what you should do instead. 

1) A bedroom to closet renovation

The number of bedrooms your home has is one of the main factors that determines your home’s value. It’s better to have a bedroom with a smaller closet than to create a large walk-in closet and lose a neighboring bedroom in the process.

Instead: Find storage solutions for small closets

You can increase the functionality of a closet without increasing the square footage. Try installing closet organizers or creating storage solutions like built-ins to make small closets more practical.

2) High-end fixtures

Although they may upgrade the look of a home, replacing your current fixtures with expensive, high-end alternatives is a home improvement that doesn’t add value. Installing custom faucets, ceiling fans, or lighting fixtures may sound like an easy way to elevate a room in your home, but these improvements won’t increase your home’s value enough to cover the cost it takes to purchase and install them. Plus, potential buyers won’t pay more for a home just for high-end fixtures.

Instead: Install fixtures that are affordable and high quality

If you want to upgrade the fixtures in your home, consider products that are durable, high quality, and budget-friendly. This is one of the home improvements that add value by giving your home the facelift you are looking for, without losing money along the way.


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