When most homeowners think about leveraging technology to sell their homes, they’re usually thinking of obvious things like online ads, social media, putting up a website, etc.

What they don’t typically think about is how technology can work for them in other ways within the home. And in the 21st century, that can be a costly mistake.

By taking advantage of the latest wave of IoT (internet of things) and “Smart Tech”, a home can quickly be made more attractive to more prospective home buyers than ever.

By simply upgrading to easy game-changing devices and systems, a homeowner can turn a typical, ordinary home into a “smart home” within a matter of days. A growing segment of modern home buyers is seeking out smart tech in their new homes. In a competitive home market. It’s often what can help make a home stand out and be noticed. Better yet, a home that utilizes smart tech the right way becomes much more energy-efficient. That means lower utility bills, operating costs, and wasted resources. These are all things that savvy home buyers are looking for.

So without further ado, let’s review some of the best ways that technology can help a home get taken off the market faster and for a higher price:

1. Set Up Amazon Echo or Google Nest (formerly Google Home)

These home control/management devices are quite easy to set up, cost-effective, and give homeowners maximum control of many different operations. Either of these systems is an easy way to turn any home into a “smart home”. It’s easier than ever to turn lights on and off, play music on demand, check who’s at the door, order food, and much more.

Both systems interface with a wide range of digital and appliance, so the sky is literally the limit when it comes to customized operations and tasks. Adding in a home security/video entry system such as Ring can increase home protection and provide a whole new range of functionality.

2. Install Smart Lighting

With this revolutionary technology, lights can easily be controlled with Echo/Alexa or Nest. They can also be controlled via wifi or even offsite with a smartphone. Smart lights utilize the latest LED technology, thus making them super-efficient. That means even more savings on energy bills.

Smart lights also make excellent security devices. Since they can be programmed to go on and off at various times when no one is home or the family is on vacation. They help make the home look occupied, which in turn reduces the chances of a break-in and burglary.

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3. Install A Latest Generation Thermostat

These thermostats do much more than just maintain a set temperature in a home. With a smart thermostat, a homeowner can manage a home’s climate control with a smartphone or home devices like Alexa or Nest.

These systems can also ‘detect’ when people are home. They’ll set the temperature to optimal levels whenever the home is occupied while saving energy when it’s not. Smart thermostats can even adjust temperatures in different parts of the home, depending on who’s home and their personal preferences.

4. Set up Home-wide Bluetooth and USB

Making USB ports as ubiquitous as power outlets is both cheap and easy to do. At a minimum, set up a powered USB hub in each room. It gives anyone in the home the ability to interface with any other USB-connected device. It also lets home dwellers recharge devices easily in any room or even the backyard.

Also, there are “smart” USB port systems that dynamically adjust the charging speed depending on which devices are connected to them.

On the same token, installing a Bluetooth hub or router is also highly cost-effective, giving any home a wide range of new capabilities. Interfacing Bluetooth devices with any other device, computer, or even a TV becomes easier than ever. With a well-conceived Bluetooth network set up in the home, the customization possibilities are virtually endless.

5. Install Solar Panels

While installing renewable energy options is not cheap and can be a major undertaking, doing so can pay off in more ways than ever before.

For one thing, many utility companies, states, and municipalities are offering rebates and tax credits for setting up an approved solar panel system.

For another, the data shows that home buyers are actively seeking homes that are already set up for renewable energy. What’s more, they’re paying as much as $15,000 over the market average for “green” homes.

It’s already proven that solar panels significantly reduce monthly energy bills. Even better, most utility companies will buy any surplus power generated by a home’s panels.

Wrap Up

As we mentioned before, more home buyers are looking for homes that are harnessing the power of smart tech more than ever before. This is an irreversible trend.

If you’re looking to make your home more marketable and increase its chances of fetching a higher price, incorporating smart tech is the way to go. It also ensures that your home will have a smaller carbon footprint while becoming more energy-efficient. That’s something else that home buyers are striving for.

Be among the first homeowners in your local area to offer a home that’s on the cutting edge of tech, and rest assured that it will pay off in many ways.

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