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Welcome to FastActionSale.com!
  1. George Cappony and his team are ready to help you!
  2. Sell your home in as little as FIVE DAYS with a proven system!
  3. Get the highest possible price and BEAT your local market comps - we can make it happen, and a whole lot more!
  4. Save TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars in broker commissions!
Proven Strategies
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Proven Strategies To Help You Profit More From Your FSBO Home Sale!

George’s System And Strategies Are Unparalleled In The Real Estate Industry!

With the Fast Action Sales team on your side, you will cover all the bases to ensure a FAST, clean sale. We will help you with every aspect of the sales process, including:

  1. Pre-sale consultation and preparation
  2. Open house and bidding event planning
  3. Traditional and Online advertising
  4. Hands-on supervision to assure a FAST no-hassle closing
  5. And so much more!
Services For ALL Homeowners
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Services For ALL Homeowners and Real Estate Investors!

The Fast Action Sale System is PERFECT for:

  1. First-time homeowners who are ready to move up…
  2. Retiree homeowners who want a fast sale with no hassles...
  3. Condo/townhouse owners who want to avoid brokers and/or on-site sales agents...
  4. Property investors and “flippers” with ANY size portfolio...
  5. Homeowners in even the “toughest” buyers’ and depressed markets...
  6. Raw/agricultural landowners…
  7. Income and commercial property owners...

Simply put … No matter what kind of property you own and where it’s located ... The Fast Action Sales Team can help you sell it FAST!

Check Out George’s FREE Recorded Webinar
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Check Out George’s FREE Recorded Webinar!

The Top 8 Questions Asked By FSBO Home Sellers

Here are just a few of the questions that you’ll get expertly answered:

  1. Do “old-school” physical yard signs still work in the digital age?
  2. How should I deal with persistent real estate agents if I want to sell my home on my own?
  3. How can I hold a successful open house efficiently, and safely?
  4. And so much more!

Get Actionable Information That You Can Use TODAY!

“The Fast Action Sale System” Advantage
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“The Fast Action Sale System” Advantage

Let us help you sell your home FASTER and for the highest possible price. Best of all, without giving up 6-7% of your sale to a real estate broker.

With George And The Fast Action Sale Team On Your Side, You Can Do It!

Our services and solutions can be fully-customized to fit your exact needs!
Our proposition is simple… “Spend a little money now, to save a LOT of money later!”

That’s the day we will sell the house!

We used the 5-Day sales method on two properties in San Diego and it worked great. We followed the book’s plan and we had lots of interest and many serious bidders. Both sold for fair market value.

Charles & Celia Abrams
Carson City, NV

The 5-Day Sale has worked for me three times!

I am a real estate investor and focus on buying and selling pre-foreclosure houses. Once I buy a house, it is imperative for me to sell it as quickly as possible. The 5-Day Sale has worked wonderfully for me three times!

Mark Patterson
Charlotte, NC

74 bids and sold Sunday night to the best bidder!

I sold my condo last Sunday, to the Highest & Best Bidder for more money than I expected. The best part was that it was a win-win for both the seller and the buyer because there was no broker and no real estate commissions, so I could accept a lower price for my condo and the buyer could get built-in equity.

Larry Kagan
Plainview, NY

About George Cappony

George has personally helped coach 1500 plus Home Sellers over nearly 3 decades, sell their homes faster and for a higher price getting “Top End of Fair Market Value.” It’s the fastest way to sell your home. Guaranteed!

Client Testimonials

Hear from current and past Clients of the Fast Action Sales System themselves!

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Home Renovations That Don’t Add Value

If you have been thinking about selling your home, you may be wondering which home improvements you should tackle to increase your home’s value before it goes on the market.

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HELlO, I’m George Cappony, welcome!

My team and I can help you sell your home FASTER and for MORE MONEY.  That’s right, I’ve been doing it since 1993.

I’m prominently featured in Bill Effros’ bestselling book… “How To Sell Your Home in Five Days”

  • I’ve helped THOUSANDS of homeowners nationwide to sell their homes on their own, in as little as FIVE DAYS with my online courses and products.
  • I’ve personally consulted and helped well over 1500 homeowners and RE investors sell their properties.
  • On the vast majority of them, we beat the local market comps and sold the homes faster than the market average.
  • I can help you in ANY situation.
  • It doesn’t matter where you live in the US.
  • It doesn’t matter how tough your local market is.
  • I can help you sell your home FAST in ANY market conditions.


Let my PROVEN experience work for you and save you THOUSANDS!